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We know technology and data make marketing better. But that’s only true if it was built for the purpose it’s being used for

We are FunnelFuel. With decades of experience spanning agency, client, and publisher roles, we have attained a profound understanding of the advertising industry, its possibilities, and its unique challenges in B2B terms.
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The various frustrations of our leaders with the status quo in digital advertising from the perspectives of both the client, agency, and publisher prompted us to ask the question.
“If we had the choice (and people + tech), where could we make a real difference for the B2B marketing industry?”

In the B2B digital advertising realm, originally designed for B2C landscape, the supply chain has evolved into a convoluted and inefficient network of transactions, resulting in high costs and lack of transparency. Unsurprisingly many participants in B2B digital marketing are unaware of this reality because the system “works” superficially. Advertisers and suppliers tend to focus on managing exceptions or exploring new opportunities like Generative AI, neglecting the need for fundamental improvements. However, we believe it’s crucial for the industry to prioritize enhancing this supply chain, given its significant share of B2B marketing expenditure, according to Gartner. Changes in technology, buyer behavior, and regulations are exposing the inadequacy of current processes, necessitating a rethink for modern B2B marketers.

Well, we’re changing that.

Beginning in 2020 we’ve developed a digital advertising supply chain and analytics technology stack specifically tailored for the B2B industry.
The current standard falls short in an industry increasingly focused on advanced martech stacks for personalised interactions and analytics-driven insights to streamline revenue generation.

With the impending removal of cookies and the diminishing effectiveness of Google Analytics, modern marketers realise they’ve never truly been in control of their digital destiny.

FunnelFuel addresses these challenges by offering a Demand Side Platform (DSP) with analytics capabilities and industry-standard tools for effective delivery and tracking in a cookieless environment. Crucially, our solution allows advertisers, agencies, and publishers to retain ownership of their data, unlike major providers.

We operate seamlessly in an omnichannel landscape, enabling clients to capitalise on evolving B2B buyer trends, platform convergence, and post-COVID behavioural shifts. This includes not just display advertising but also the potential to activate across out-of-home (OOH) and digital audio platforms (TV, radio) for maximum reach, frequency and impact.

Our vision​

Future proofing B2B digital advertising and analytics in a cookieless world​.

Our mission​

B2B digital advertising and analytics technology for advertisers, agencies and publishers delivering increased control, transparency and insights for their customers.

Our values


In everything we do, planning, activation, data management, analytics and reporting, we’ll be transparent​.

Change Catalysts​

We constantly challenge the status quo for the benefit of the B2B marketing industry as a whole. ​


We developed Funnel Fuel’s capabilities for you to have the authors on hand to tailor to your needs, not a predetermined methodology, framework or way of working.  ​

No BS​

We’ll call it as we see it, however uncomfortable that may be, for the benefit of our clients and the industry.


Yes, we’re small, but we pack a big punch as our team’s depth of knowledge and expertise ensures your digital marketing is agile and will allow you to pivot as well as scale. ​


We’ll actively seek opportunities for advertisers, agencies and publishers to regain control of their own digital destiny — it’s what we set out to do from the outset.


Data is nothing without actionable insights to inform, optimise and drive improvement.​