If you’re a fan of Russell Brunson’s Dotcom secrets (we did a review here)… you’ll probably love Funnel Scripts. In this Funnel Scripts Review, we’re going to tell you what it can do for you and your sales funnels.

In our opinion..it’s the lazy man’s treasure when it comes to writing copy..

while it does solve some temporary problems for you.. we still recommend getting a pro copywriter.

Our Copywriting Opinion and Funnel Scripts Review

Let’s just get into what kind of copy Funnel Scripts can write for you:

  1. Ad Copies (Facebook, Adwords)
  2. Sales Copies
  3. CTA Copies
  4. Email Scripts (SOAP, Seinfeld)
  5. Headlines
  6. Video Sales Letter
  7. Email Subject Lines
  8. Product Description (Amazon, Shopify)
  9. Webinar Optin
  10. and a bunch more that you can utilize as your business grows.

So literally, you just fill out a form on the software page, and within 3 seconds, you will have a list of copies to choose from and apply to your funnels.

The only ‘bad’ thing we should mention is that there might be some minor grammatical errors that you need to fix. Which is fine, it is a simple software to begin with. These errors are acceptable and still saves you A LOT of time.

So if you’re ok with investing $500 on a software to replace a full time copywriter, we highly recommend you getting Funnel Scripts.

Don’t worry about the money. Focus on how much time you’re going to save to write copy that actually works.

FunnelScripts Training & Software - FunnelScripts Review

Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards were also considerable and provided free training on where and when a particular copy should be used. Through their context, you will also learn new advertising copywriting techniques that will allow you advance in the internet marketing world.


Another great thing is that Jim Edwards at ClickFunnels is always trying to find new ways to get your copies done. They let you suggest types of scripts that aren’t developed yet in the program yet, and will do their best to provide it for you.

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Our Comprehensive ClickFunnels Review - Funnel Fuel · December 30, 2017 at 8:29 pm

[…] Absolutely, especially when they offer a 14-day free trial. You literally take 0 risk by trying it out, and you might just be part of the 2 Comma Club. If you’re still not convinced, you might want to check out DotCom Secrets (free book), Experts Secrets (free book) and Funnel Scripts (gold nugget in this one, gets all your copy written within 3 minutes). […]

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